Sightseeing/Wildlife Viewing

Welcome to Ketchikan

Welcome to our own little piece of heaven here on Earth, Ketchikan. Ketchikan is rich in Native Culture, steeped in fishing history, and built on a once robust logging industry. Nestled on the coast, glacier cut into the mountain side, you are greeted with stunning views of both mountains and ocean. If you love mountain views and watching the waves on the ocean, you will love getting out on our Vessel, Eagle One. Being in such a remote and wild place, it is not uncommon to spot whales bubble feeding or breaching, Sealions sunning on rocks, Black Bear fishing for Salmon, Salmon jumping, Eagles and their nests, so keep those cameras close at hand!

You cannot come to Ketchikan without seeing the North American Bald Eagle. The American National Animal is also rich in Ketchikan’s history and folklore. The Native origin of Ketchikan comes from the Tongas and Cape Fox Tlingit Indians. It has been said that Ketchikan takes its name from the Tlingit named creek “Kitschk-hin”, which runs Southeast of our downtown and into the Tongass Narrows. Some believe the name “Kitschk-hin” means “thundering wings of an eagle”.

Whale Watching Adventure

There may be opportunities to ride along with Killer Whales. Keep an eye out for the Alpha Male. You can tell the Alpha from the position he takes in the Pod and the large Dorsal Fin. These males can reach a length up to 30 feet and have a dorsal fin reaching 6 to 7 feet.

As with the Orca’s we may encounter these magnificent Humpback Whales. They are always in Tongass Narrows during the spring and summer months. In the past few years these amazing creatures have been visiting our town in the search for food. Don’t be surprised to see them breaching or bubble feeding. Don’t worry, if we spot them we will make a detour to make sure you have lots of photo opportunities.

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