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Quick Details

Adult Ages 13+
Child Ages 12 and under

Welcome to Ketchikan’s one-of-a kind 4/4.5-hour long Land and Sea tour package.

Climb aboard the “Eagle One” , our intimate vessel while we embark on a scenic wildlife viewing adventure. Soak in the wonders of Alaska on this excursion. Our crew and drivers will make sure you have every opportunity to capture all Ketchikan has to offer. Make sure your cameras are ready as you keep a lookout for Humpback Whales, Orcas (Killer Whales), Seals, Sea Lions, Eagles and Salmon “Jumpers” while making our way out of town. Also included, complimentary non-alcoholic beverages and pre-packaged snacks. Yes, there is a bathroom onboard!!

Starting the ground portion of the tour in one of our spacious 13 passenger vans. We will depart for Herring Cove to view Black Bears foraging for their favorite “Wild Alaskan Salmon” that are returning from the ocean to the Herring Cove creek to spawn. This area always has an abundance of Bald Eagles hunting for salmon as well. After Bear viewing in Herring Cove, we will jump in the van and head for the Saxman Totem Park. The park has the largest collection of standing Totems in the world. The history and craftsmanship will delight anyone of all ages.

While on the way back into Ketchikan. We will stop at Creek Street for a short walk on the boardwalk that runs along the creek. Creek Street offers history, charm, and shops that you might get lost in. The creek has a large salmon return in the summer months. You can watch the fish swim up the river to the fish ladder while you make your way along the boardwalk. After we make our way back to the van, we will head north of town to the Totem State Park that showcases more authentic Alaskan carved totems. We could also visit Refuge Cove and walk along the wooded trail that follows the beach if requested by our passengers. We are happy to make the ground tour whatever you would like it to be. You can customize your time so you can experience what you want, like hiking along beaches, lake treks and hitting the local trails.

Please note that Wildlife sightings are not guaranteed. We do our best to locate a variety of wildlife, but they are wild creatures living in their natural habitat and are not under our control.